Thursday, July 16, 2015

Look at me!

In order to make Groomerisms work, I have to get comfortable with being noticed.

Like "regularly finding multiple four and five-leaf clovers" Irish.
I've never been the "look at me" type. I came from a big Irish family where only the loudest get heard. Rather than compete, I opted early on never to shout. I preferred to go my own way, by myself. As a child, I spent free afternoons visiting animals. I didn't know the neighbors but I knew all their dogs and cats and ponies. I retreated frequently to quiet places, and lost myself in books.

I never disliked people. I just found their company draining. In high school, I performed in all the musicals, not because I liked the attention, but because I realized it was important to put myself out there, to socialize, and be a part of the community. I'm still about as introverted as an introvert can be. I'm not shy or aloof, but keeping company with animals is much easier than keeping company with human beings.

I'm not bad at selling myself either. In fact, attracting grooming clients was easy. A little chatting, a little sharing of knowledge, a little understanding goes a long way. People just want to know that their animals are in good hands. Empathetic groomers with a good eye and a steady hand are always in demand. I'm especially good at asking clients the right questions to get at the heart of what they want and need in a pet style. I don't say, "What do you want your pet to look like?" I say, "How do you want your pet to feel? How do you want to feel when you look at him?"

Attracting Groomerisms clients is much harder, though. What are the right questions?

As a groomer, I know what I want, but not all groomers are like me. In fact, we're an extremely diverse bunch with a variety of backgrounds and motivations and needs. Marketing to other groomers feels a bit like standing on a street corner wearing a sandwich board display, hoping that something I've put down will catch someone's eye.

Today, among the older scribblings and doodles, there's a message on my sandwich board that says:

Here I am. Look at me!
What do you see?

I have the best neighbors.
Groomerisms is about taking good care of yourself and the pets in your charge. It's meant to offer a little something to everyone connected to the grooming industry. Education for clients, support for groomers, humor and beauty for everyone.

I want to write useful, compelling, and informative pieces. I want to create compelling illustrations and infographics. I want my comics to be funny and relevant. I want to make pet portraits that capture the spirit of the bonds we hold with animals.

How am I doing? Please browse around and take a look at my offerings. If you think of something you need that I don't have, please let me know. If I can't help you, I can probably track down someone who can.

I'm Vania. This is my face. And my tattoo. And my fish portrait in my bathroom. Hi!
Join me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter handles are all Groomerisms) and share your thoughts, wisdom, and stories. Thank you for looking.

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